Coming up for Aire

Welcome to our travel blog!

While travelling Europe in a camper, we will be keeping track of our exploratory missions, posting photos and reviewing places we stay at on this website.

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noun: aire; plural noun: aires

A parking location specifically for campers and motorhomes with few or no facilities. The term is derived from the French Aires de Service.

“We stayed at an aire with an amazing view last night”

synonyms: aires de service, aire camping, Stellplatz, motorhome site

Captain’s log, Day 74: Three ferries down, three to go. Such are the lengths we go to avoid motorways.

Our story

It all started in a cabin in the woods in Sweden where it dawned on me that we were almost location independent. It seemed so simple, if we didn’t own a house, we could rent a house in a different country every year. To my surprise, Jasper—my rational half—liked the idea, but when I immediately started looking at homes for rent in New Zealand, he reeled me in and said that he wanted to see more of Europe before travelling to the other side of the world.

At this point, I might want to mention that our…okay, MY figurative window has seen many an idea pass its frame. People who know me well, know that my business ideas, dreams, and desires have the uncanny ability to pop-up, adapt, or die on a monthly (sometimes even weekly) basis. But this time was different. Something stuck and oddly enough it was the last bit that stuck; the seeing more of Europe bit. My logic was that if I would ever be able to move to New Zealand with Jasper—at the time that was my dream—I would first have to eliminate his argument for staying in Europe. Jasper also still had remnants of the idea on his mind. Being a photographer and loving landscape photography, he liked the idea of having a change of scenery on a regular basis. So, both of us still wanted to travel and see the world/Europe, and we agreed that we did not want to wait until retirement.

After looking into it, we decided to travel Europe by camper. Small, mobile, we can stay where we want, when we want, and we can follow the sun as much as possible. 

We took our time looking into campers and had a list of requirements our vehicle would have to meet. Then we started looking online. Our budget would only stretch as far as second-hand, so we were looking at some of the older campers. A van conversion would be great but as we will be working throughout our journey, we decided that a camper would be more comfortable and seeing as we plan to travel for at least a year and a half, comfort is essential. Then we came across a little gem: a 1988 Fiat Ducato. We instantly fell in love, she looked so cute and did it really matter that she didn’t meet any of our requirements? Naturally, we bought her and proudly drove our new baby girl home.

The house is sold, the camper is renovated, and the route planning is a work in progress. We will be updating the website and regularly posting throughout our journey. Join us and if along the way, some questions pop up, feel free to ask. We’re off!

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